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Fatal 13 year old Andrew
Andrew was the sunshine in every single life he touched. He was in the 8th grade and on the football team. His grades were good and he had an amazing network of friends. He loved to play his Xbox and race his go kart. He was the light of our lives. I never before met a 13 year old boy who was as openly affectionate to his parents and friends, even in public, as Andrew. He never let an opportunity to show love pass him by and we have all learned from him. We have lost a huge part of our lives by losing this precious child. Our only consolation is that he accepted Jesus and we know that we will see him again.
Fatal 13 year old "Brandon"
Brandon was the youngest of our 5 sons. He was only 13 when he was taken from us. Brandon was a brilliant ray of sunshine for so many people. He loved fishing, basketball, and his family...those in his home in NJ and those in Arkansas. He was caring, thoughtful, insightful, self confident and outspoken. He is our teacher every day to live our lives with his vigor. Brandon, you are forever in our hearts.
Fatal 12 year old "AJ"
Asberry was a happy go lucky 12 year old. He was the oldest of 4 brothers. He was a good student academically. He loved drawing, dancing, playing football, and singing.
Fatal 12 year old
He was such a lively 12 year old boy, who had everything to live for. He was happy and intelligent, being very sociable for a boy his age. He had just been chosen to play in the music section for the school production and had come home the previous night being very excited about the news. He died 10 days after celebrating his birthday. He will be sorely missed by his family forever.
Fatal 16 year old Nick D.
Our son Nick was a young man with a bright future ahead of him. He was a talented musician, playing alto and bari sax as well as guitar and bass. He was a member of his school band and a ska band he and his friends had put together. Nick's musical talents were taking off as he explored various musical genre, transposing music for various instruments and writing original pieces. He was a talented illustrator designing album covers and posters for his band and stenciling his own clothes. Nick's curiosity and sense of morality had no bounds. He was concerned about injustice, the environment and childhood obesity, ravenously researching ways to make the world a better place, using his music as his sword and shield. He was the kid who would talk to anyone in class and was always willin! g to listen and to reach out to others whether they needed a shoulder to cry on or help with math. Friends tell us that they miss Nick's arrival at school each morning, when he would start his happy morning dance and cajole others to join in. His wake and funeral services were attended by nearly 1000 friends, family members, current and former teachers, librarians and lunch room monitors. He was loved, and is missed more than mere words can express.
Fatal 16 year old Zach W.
My son Zach Wise was a 16 yr old sophomore. He was a very good kid that was full of life with great character and faith and a smile that just lit up the world. He was the one that was friends with everyone. If there was someone sitting alone or a new person he would go and talk to them and befriend them no matter what walk of life they came from. He would interact with everyone from babies to elderly. He never saw lines when it came to people just another friend he was given. He had wrestled since he was 6 on school teams and travel teams and had been & won several state and national tournaments. He loved life and making people happy.
Fatal 17 year old Sean S.
Sean was a smart, funny kid who had a bright future. He was the type of kid that did not do drugs and probably thought that this was safe. He was a sophomore in high school and on the football team, he was very liked by everyone who met him...he was just a great kid. I miss him very much.
Fatal 13 year old Laurian B.
Laurian was beautiful, outgoing and loved the Lord with all her heart. She had a servants heart and often talked about becoming a missionary. She wanted to go college to learn to design modest, fashion forward clothing for teens. She enjoyed cooking and loved to read and draw. She was a wonderful artist. She was a wonderful big sister and friend. Everyone she met loved her and spoke of how wonderful she was. We miss her more than words can say. We love you our precious baby girl.
Fatal 17 year old Trey S.
Trey was a son, a brother, a friend and held a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, was a modivated, fabulous HipHop dancer who could pick up new choreo in seconds, was a student of music (played the piano, baritone sax, guitar and was teaching himself to the alto sax) and was an inspired, gifted poet.
Fatal 14 year old Leilani G.
She was an amazing young lady. She made a point in her life to make everyone surrounding her to laugh and smile. She was a leaning post for all of her friends. She lived life to the fullest and was against people who were down on life. He philosophy was that life could be worse. She strived to the best at cross country and worked hard at softball and wrestling. She had hundreds of friends who showed up to her funeral. All of whom loved her dearly.
Fatal 13 year old Rhael
Rhael, a happy, funny, caring boy. He was a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew- but more importantly, he was a great friend. Rhael's best friend was his 3-year-old brother, Kyan. He was like a little dad!
Choking Game Victim Fatal 13 year old Brian P.

Choking Game Victim Fatal 12 year old Erik R.
Erik was a passionate, highly motivated, straight-A 6th grader, an avid baseball player and boy scout with clear focus and direction in his life. He was bound for West Point (already with a mentor) with plans to serve his country and after his military service to join either the police force, FBI or Secret Service. He was so committed to service that we want his story known so it can shine a light on this horrible problem and help save lives.
Choking Game Victim
11 year old Drew F.
Drew Paul Allen Fiala was the kind of kid most kids wanted to be. He was happy all the time. He love everyone he knew. He would walk into a room and it would get brighter just because he was in it. He loved his friends and would do anything for them. He always told everyone how much he loved them.

15 year old Christopher J.
Chris was beautiful, a gifted artist, and awesome with a skateboard. His friends meant everything to him, and he was the world to them. He is deeply loved and missed by all his family and friends. His death has created a void that will never be filled. Love you forever TAKO!

10 year old Taylor P.
My son Taylor was so full of life. He was an A-B honor roll student, in the gifted program at school, played baseball, football, and basketball. He also loved to travel. In his 10yrs. of life he had visited Germany, Alaska and was planning a trip to Hawaii with his MawMaw. Most importantly he loved Jesus and his family immensely. Taylor was 10 days away from his 11th birthday when his accident occurred. If he would've known how dangerous this so called "game" was, he would've tried it. But he didn't and neither did I. I am committed to getting Taylor's story out to others. He has and will continue to change lives through his story and organ/cornea donations. I'm so proud of him and thank God everyday for allowing me to be his Mom.
Fatal 15 year old Skyler R.
Skyler was a very bright young man very active in the youth group at church and at school. He was full of life, he touched the lives and hearts of many people. He loved playing and teaching younger children, he is going to be missed by all he touched.

20 year old Andrea S. 2010
Fatal 16 year old Craig M.
Craig was beautiful. He was artistic, musical, bright, affectionate, and complex at times. He loved a good laugh, playing the fiddle, swimming, carving, digging, climbing, camping and bluegrass festivals. Craig was really looking forward to learning to blow glass. He loved his family, Craig was so lucky to have the family that he did, and so many people loved him. I can't wait to wrap my arms around him again, hold him till I get there Jesus.

9 year old Luke S.
Luke was a high-spirited boy, who was very charming and he had a great deal of compassion for people. He loved skateboarding, Legos and swimming. Most importantly, he loved Jesus with all of his heart, and he is in Heaven in his true home with Him now!!! He is survived by two brothers, 19 yr. old Anthony and 11 yr. old Tyler.
Fatal 17 year old Jess T.
Jess was a funny lad and has given us so many comical memories.As he was growing up he used to get himself into scrapes - being there at the wrong time sort of thing and used to say "it wasn't me mam". So angelic but I knew when he wasn't telling the whole story. He studied plumbing at Barnsley college and enjoyed it, he was also doing very well. He was a typical 17 year old, on computer games and out with mates, he loved socialising. He did well at school and had many friends. Jess also had two big brothers who he used to love winding up and visa versa and also tormented his little sister who gave as much back. He went to grandma and grandads every day, they were a big part of his life. We're going to miss you so much Jess, always. xxxxxx
Fatal 18 year old Alexander Q.
Alex had a tremendous amount of friends...more than we actually realized. The funeral had a two hour waiting line during the whole service. He was loved dearly. He had a family who loved him & was always there for him. His father, step-father, mother, younger sister, younger brother, Nanny & Papa...he was predeceased by his MiMom & Grampy John. Alex had a zest for life & loved snowboading & wake boarding. We will miss him more than words could ever ever say.
Fatal 15 year old Jason T.
Jason is loved by many! He loved to make people laugh and smile, especially when they were feeling down. He was a talented musician who loved playing the guitar (electric and acoustic), keyboards and anything else he could show his expertise on. He loved to help other students whether it was with their homework, learning guitar or helping them with their family situations. He spent his free time with his friends, annoying his big sister, playing guitar, playing with his pets, going to the beach, watching his favorite TV shows, playing the ps2, on the computer and talking on his cell phone. And most of the time the last 3 all at the same time! Jason leaves behind his mom, dad, sister, pets and numerous family members and close friends whom he loved so much.
Fatal 16 year old Tyler M.
Tyler's Facebook Memorial
Fatal 17 year old Maiya B.
Maiya was a beautiful, intelligent, and very courious young lady who lost her life participating in this mindless activity. Her family misses her very very much!!!

17 year old Jay S.
My son Jay was 1 month from turning 18 and going to the University of TN. He was an awesome skateboarder and a member of the FFA. He was going to school to study Agriculture. Along with his funny personality, he was my world. Jay could read me like a book and same for me. We always said we were two bodies with one brain. I will miss him always. His brother Zach and sister Zoey will remember the good times shared. Jay wasn't afraid to say I love you to us...and we always said it to him. I couldn't have been more proud of him. Love, Mom Read Jay's Story
Fatal 23 year old Christina M.
Christina, was well loved, vibrant person,that had a four year old son who misses her immensely. A devoted mother and my daughter. Life will never be same without her.
Visit Christina's Memorial

Fatal 15 year old Marika B.
My daughter Marika Lynn was a vibrant 15yr old who's life ended way too early. I never had a clue my daughter was playing this game with friends let alone by her self..she paid the ultimate price HER LIFE...she was a great student in school had alot of friends...she was the apple of our eye..she was supposed to be starting drivers ed..she was so excited..we miss her like crazy. Marika's Memorial Page
Fatal 17 year old Mack J.
I was not aware of this type of activity and didn't notice warning signs, until July 10, 2009, when my husband discovered our 17-year- old son Mack, dead in his bedroom. Mack was a bright, articulate, honors student; a fit and very active young man, who worked hard and participated in many activities including band, swimming, wrestling, football, rugby; he also hunted and fished and played lots of chess with his dad. He was very open with both of us and had friends all over the state. He had teachers, coaches and adult friends that he talked to often. He knew how to have fun and wasn't a risk-taker or an over-achiever, but a very competitive young man. My son was enjoying a great life and looking forward to so much more. Words cannot describe the devastation to his family, friends and community. MACKLIN PATRICK JENSEN group Facebook page
Choking Game Victim Fatal 13 year old Tyler M.
My darling sweet Tyler, we all love and miss you so much, if we knew then what we know now then you would still be here with us. R.I.P my lil ray of sunshine
Fatal 12 year old Randall S. 2009-05
Choking Game Victim Fatal 17 year old Reilly
Always Loved...Never Forgotten...REILLY RIP 5/7/09
Fatal 13 year old Cheyenne N
In Memory of Our Shining Star...
Fatal 15 year old Conant B. 2009-04
Fatal 15 year old Parnell G.
Parnell loved fishing, hunting, skateboarding and playing the guitar but most of all he loved his family. He was the funny guy that made others laugh. He will truly be missed and always be loved!
Fatal 15 year old Donavin P.
He was a very loving handsome young man who loved fishing, fixing things, making people laugh, hanging out with grandpa, friends, dad, mom. loved hunting deers. He is loved by everyone who knew him. He is missed so much by everyone. I love you donavin love mom and dad
Fatal 15 year old Kevin T.
Kevin was an amazing young man with a strong sense of family. He was the first one to jump in and help and he had a gift for sharing laughter and joy. his acceptance of others differences was one of the things that set him apart. We miss the love you brought into our lives Kevin.
Fatal 17 year old Oscar M.
Osacar was 17 and was an extremely intelligent and sensitive young man. An incredible number of people attended his memorial service. His life was needlessly cut short. The pain of the loss is a daily battle.
Fatal 14 year old Breanna A.
Breanna was a happy, outgoing teen who loved life. She had so many dreams for her future and we are sure she would have accomplished every one of them! We love you Breanna~
Fatal 9 year old De'Ja A.
De'Ja age 9 You Tube Memorial
Fatal 14 year old Zachary
Great kid a scout,Youth Group member,Band member,fun kid just waiting to get his permit 2 days after he died. Friends may know no one has been brave enough to come forward. Parents would like to know when he was introduced to this practice. His service and viewing were very public in order to save others it would be so wonderful if someone could help us put his pieces together.
Fatal 12 year old Tyler G.
My son was a very lovely,caring,handsome young man.. Loved by so many...We miss him so much..
Fatal 12 year old Brandon W.
Brandon was a happy go lucky 12 year old boy ,he loved life, a straight A student. He was in the early college program which means he would have had 2 years of college when he graduated high school.Brandon was against drugs and alcohol. He was an awsome kid .I miss him so much . I wish one of the kids that knew he was dared would have just told me, and then maybe he would still be here. i did not know what the choking game was until 1-6-o9 . I want to make parents aware and know it could happen to any family.
Fatal 14 year old John David L.
John was a happy, loving son, he was rarely seen without a smile and he often had a trick to play on people, he loved life, God and his family..He is greatly missed
Fatal 17 year old Jenny M.
On December 27, 2008 our family suffered a great loss. We lost a daughter and little sister from playing “The Choking Game”. Her name was Jenny and she was 17 years old. She was beautiful, bright, kind to all, and above all else she was a godly young lady.
see Jenny's Page
Fatal 12 year old Jaymie K.
Jaymie liked being with family and friends and was looking forward to being home for Christmas with his family.He enjoyed camping, fishing, skateboarding and fighting with his brothers and sisters. Jaymie was a sweet boy at heart. He was, and always will be, loved by his family and friends.
Fatal 16 year old Elijah C. 2008-12

16 year old Marcus G.
Marcus left a spark with everyone he touched. He was known for his intelligence, wit, loyalty and caring for others. He sought to befriend those who were isolated and alone and he left many gifts with those who new him. He loved and rescued many pets. Marcus especially enjoyed dirt biking, skating, video games and music. We love and miss you always
Fatal 17 year old Megan W. 2008-12
Fatal 12 year old Sam L.
"Sam was funny, bright, caring, artistic, the class clown. He excelled at everything he tried. It is so hard to believe that he is gone. "
Fatal 18 year old Jeff M. 2008-11
Fatal 12 year old Uriah M.
Uriah was one of those kids that could melt your heart with a smile. Always had a big hug ready, stood up for the underdog. He was only 12 years old, and made a poor choice, never knowing the dangers of what he did. He loved animals, and helping people. He really loved holding babies, oh my goodness he loved babies. His heart was so huge, you couldn't help but feel it. He is SO deeply missed, every moment, every day. He was my everything!!
Uriah's Memorial"

Fatal 15 year old Kristian M. 2008-11
Fatal 14 year old Alesa Beth S.
Alesa Beth was just days away from her 15th birthday. She had a new car waiting in the driveway and was so excited about learning to drive. She was a straight A student, a varsity cheerleader, an awesome softball player and the most elegant ballerina you could ever meet. Alesa's strongest quality was being a big sister. She was looked up to by so many children. Her dream was to perform on Broadway and during her down time she wanted to teach underprivileged children to sing and dance. Alesa loved life!
Fatal 12 year old Christopher "Furf" W. 2008-09-20
Fatal 16 year old Samantha M.
"Samantha was a fun-loving girl who loved to write and draw. She was beautiful in every way and had an amazing sense of humor. Sammii will be loved and missed forever. We love you Sam! 06/21/92-07/18/08
Sammii's Memory Page

Fatal 14 year old Jorge "JJ" B.
"JJ was a sweet, Loving, and very energetic boy. His friends and family will remember his big smile and caring ways. Jorge whereever you may be always know that we love you today, tomorrow, and always!"
Fatal 14 year old Cody W-J
Cody was an A/B student. He was a varisty wrestler in his freshman year in high school. He was very active in the youth group at our church. He was pick to attend a youth group camp that only 100 teens from our area gets picked for. Cody was a very loving boy. He would do anything to help anyone that needed it. Cody's Cause.com
Fatal 13 year old Sarah LeAnn B.

"Sarah lived for the moment, she was positive, respectful, energetic and was not afraid to try anything. She was competitive, stubborn and never met a stranger. Sarah was loved by everyone who knew her. She loved her dogs, Puppy and Tico. She will be missed by her family and friends."
Fatal 14 year old John L. 2008-02-23
Fatal 16 year old Trey M. 2008-02-15
Fatal 14 year old Hayley B.
Hayley, my 14 year old daughter, was always against drugs/alcohol and aspired to go to college to become a doctor. One evening as we returned from a trip to Wal-Mart we found American Idol paused on the DVR. Nothing seemed out of the ‘norm’ until we hollered for Hayley to come upstairs and she never replied or came. My fiancé went down to get her and found her hanging by a dog leash from the ventilation ducts in our utility room. I arrived around the corner as he was cutting the home-made noose from her neck after he had tried to pull it from her life-less body with no avail. Our first thoughts were ‘suicide’ because we were totally unaware this ‘game’ existed. After looking at the circumstances surrounding Hayley’s death such as: live television paused as though she was planning on returning to watch it, feet touching the ground/knees bent, no note (which if you knew her was abnormal), and not a single sign that she was depressed, we wondered what had really happened. Then we began hearing of other youths in our small community playing the ‘choking game’ and we realized that Hayley must have been playing the game too. She is sorely missed by everyone who knew her! Her smile would light up a room!! Forever and Always Hayley's Mom
Fatal 13 year old Justin S.

"Justin was our only child and he had everything. Your dogs miss you and we miss you terribly. We love you forever"
Fatal 14 year old Iesha W. 2007-11-27
Fatal 13 year old , Nicole Ann H.

"Nicole loved life and was involved in band, choir, cheerleading, volleyball, swimming, roller skating, video games, the beach, her computer and socializing with her friends."
Fatal 12 year old DJ R.
DJ loved to ride his bike, play football, fish, do magic tricks. He loved music and dancing. He was active in his youth group and worked the sound board for the youth church. DJ was an honor student and he was always taking things apart and putting them back together again. He was a great son and a wonderful brother to his two older sisters. He is greatly missed.
Fatal 12 year old Connor G.

Connor was a bright, loving, talented boy. He was a friend to all,always smiling and cheerful. He LOVED to play and watch football! He loved history and classic rock music and was learning to play the drums. We love you and miss you and will see you in Heaven!.
Fatal 12 year old Kyle O. 2007-09-29
Fatal 12 year old David Cody H.

David Cody was 12 years old, and looking forward to becoming a teenager. He was full of life, everybody he met became a friend. He could make friends with the Devil himself. Loved fishing, playing video games, watching cartoons, and picking on his sister's, Hannah and Alyssa.
Fatal 13 year old AJ M. 2007-09-11
Fatal 23 year old Josh S.

"Josh was a very loving son and brother. He loved the outdoors and spending time with his family and loved ones was We cherish every moment that God gave us with him. Our world is so much less without Josh in it. Visit Josh's Memorial "
Fatal 11 year old Daniel H.

"Danny was a very loving energetic little boy who was quite the explorer. He knew how to light a room up and make people laugh.His favorvite thing to do was make people feel good as he always felt people should feel. I love you Danny"
Fatal 17 year old Randy S.

Randy was a lovable caring son and big brother. He was loved by all. He was into his faith with god and believed where he would go when it was time for him to die. Randy was an organ donor and saved others. We were not ready for him to go at 17 years old.
Fatal 17 year old Robert B. 2007-05-27
Fatal 11 year old Aurianna T.

Aurianna's Tribute
Fatal 14 year old Andrew R. 2007-03-16
Fatal 14 year old Kelsey B.

Kelsey's Memorial
Fatal 12 year old Cayden W.

"Cayden was a happy, healthy, ornery, rotten, athletic, fun, little man who loved life and lived his to the fullest everyday. He will be forever missed. We love you so much Cayden. Cayden's Memorial"
Fatal 12 year old Austin GB 2007-01-22
Fatal 13 year old Elizabeth P.

A friend said Elizabeth 'Liddy' reminded him of Tigger. Always in motion, lively, playful. He was right. She was and continues to be loved. She is missed and leaves a void that will not be filled
Fatal 14 year old Alexandria Y.

"Alex was a fun loving,very forgiving and easy going person. She was planning to become a Veterinarian, her love for animals was unreal. She had the most beautiful smile! We love and Miss her very much."
Fatal 13 year old Jack D.

Jacks' Memorial
Fatal 15 year old Ronald B.
My beautiful first-born child, taken from us at the young age of 15, is missed every second of every day. The world has truly lost a remarkable child. My heart is forever broken, because of a "game." Ronnie, not only were you my son, but my best friend, and I am lost without you. MOM Visit Ronnie's Memorial site
Fatal 15 year old Calvin P.

"Calvin was sweet, funny and a loyal friend and son. He was always having fun, nice to every- one and LOVED skateboarding and snowboarding. He is missed and loved by many."
Fatal 15 year old Tess E. 2006-09-19
Fatal 15year old Marc Anthony M. 2006-08-29
Fatal 13 year old Michael V.

"He loved baseball he was an all star player for many years. He loved going deep sea fishing, bay fishing, and surf fishing. He enjoyed camping out at the beach, and especially playing paintball wars on the weekends with the family."
Fatal 9 year old Isaiah M.
Isaiah Mitchell was a popular, athletic, honor roll student who took a dare from another child who said they played this game by their selves and in the early evening with his whole family home gently went to sleep and passed from this life, but not our hearts. As he did in life, his circumstances continue to keep smiles on others faces by the legal changes his demise brought and the public information through both the media and our personal story. We wouldnt want any one to be us, yet Its better to have had his love for nine years,then none at all.
Fatal 12 year old Corey D. 2006-07-23
Fatal 14 year old Haley Farin K.

"Haley was a bundle of energy. She was an avid runner and loved life. She always had a smile on her face and was very self- assured. Haley was always willing to help others. Haley's MySpace Page "
Fatal 14 year old Sean H.

Sean is loved and missed more than I can describe.
Fatal 14 year old Richard G.

"Genuinely cared for others and loved God and going to church. He was an honor student. He enjoyed fishing, hunting and dirt biking."
Fatal 16 year old David D.

"David was a young man who had everything going for him. He loved the farm, and could train a horse that no one else could train. He love to put up hay, he was the always the best worker. But he had decided to be a cabinetmaker, and had an apprenticeship to one. He was already making them by himself, with no supervision. They would tell him what to do and he could do it. And he was the best son, very loving and respectful. We miss him terribly, we think of him each and every day. He was loved by everyone who knew him. His funeral was packed and overflowing. I guess God takes the best to be with Him. "
Fatal 11 year old Andrew H.
My son Andrew was a loving, kind hearted, generous little boy who loved his video games and his baseball team. He was always the "big brother" in every sense of the word. Even our neighbors loved letting their younger children play outside with him because they knew he would be gentle with them and keep them out of trouble. His smile was infectious, his laughter healing, and his bear hugs were so loving. We miss him more than words can say.
Fatal 11 year old Frankie Y.

Frankie's Memorial
Fatal 12 year old Xavier D.

"Xavier was a kind hearted,sweet, he loved to joke around and make people laugh. He was very caring of others. He loved his rock music especially Green Day. He always had a bright smile on his face. Xavier was the youngest of my 3 children, he was smart, loving, giving, caring, loved everyone person. He was in sports,baseball,football,basketball and was great. He was a class clown and had many friends, he loved music and wanted to go to a linkin park concert. Xavier is very much loved and missed.
Fatal 16 year old Jerad B.
Jerad was the second of four kids. He was very compassionate and caring. He loved being around family and friends, skateboarding, playing the guitar, listening to his music. Jerad was the kid who would speak up if to stop bullying of other students. He was also working to change educational services for students with learning disablilies.
Fatal 15 year old Stephen S. 2006-05-02
Fatal 14 year old Anthony S. 2006-04-26
Fatal 16 year old Logan M. 2006-04-23
Fatal 13 year old CoriAnn M. 2006-03-31
Fatal 13 year old Coty M. 2006-03-29
Fatal 13 year old Andrew F.
Andrew was loved by his fellow classmates and friends. He was a wrestler, honor student and played the viola in the school orchestra. He loved his friends. He was a good friend to many. I describe Andrew as a duck. Whenever people made fun of him, he just let it go like a duck repels water. He was a great brother and son. I sure miss my number one "little man".
Fatal 16 year old Leo M.

Leo was always the one to make you laugh and he loved his bike. BMXing was one of his passions and he`d put off anything to go biking with his friends. Leo's Memorial "
Fatal 15 year old Michael V. 2006-03-14
Fatal 14 year old Joseph B. 2006-03-06
Fatal 11 year old Adam M. 2006-02-28
Fatal 11 year old Cody C.

Cody's Memorial
Fatal 11 year old Daniel S.

"Loved his skateboard, car collection and sports baseball, basketball and football. Daniel's Memorial In Remembrence of "
Fatal 13 year old Evan O.

The Bridge to Forever - Evan's Foundation
Fatal 13 year old Dustin H. 2006-02-02
Fatal 17 year old Brandon R.

Brandon's Memorial
Fatal 16 year old Jeffrey E. 2006-01-24
Fatal 13 year old Michael C. 2006-01-23
Fatal 16 year old Timothy F.

He was a very helpful child and was going in to the military.
Fatal 13 year old 'Ellis' W.

Ellis was the joy of my life.. he was a happy child never causing us any problems other than the typical not wanting to clean up his room.. He was a loving young man
Fatal 14 year old Sasha S. 2005-10-21
Fatal 13 year old Kyle M.

Kyle's memorial
Fatal 11 year old Dylan B.

Dylan loved nature and exploring. He was a little boy who went to bat for the underdog and the litter kids. He was wise beyond his years
Fatal 13 year old Jesse D. 2005-10-07
Fatal 16 year old
He is loved and missed by many. he was a great person and will truely never be forgotten.
Fatal 12 year old Zechariah M. 2005-09-24
Fatal 12 year old William B. 2005-09-24
Fatal 13 year old Adam J. 2005-09-22
Fatal 11 year old Jonathan K. 2005-09-15
Fatal 13 year old Colin R.

"Colin was loving, playful, and full of energy, curiosity, and plans for his future. He played cello and guitar, and was an advanced placement student. He loved soccer and board sports, and he loved to read, especially science fiction."
Fatal 11 year old Sean S.

Sean is my only child. He was the kindest, bravest, most loving person I've ever known. He loved playing baseball, soccer and playstation! He loved music (U2 and Greenday were his favorites). He was taking guitar lessons and loved it. He had many many friends. Everyone who knew Seaner loved him. Sean was a Yankee fan just like mom! I miss you Sean every day. Can't wait to be with you again. I love you Seaner.
Fatal 16 year old Jeffrey P. 2005-08-28
Fatal 14 year old Shawntae C.

Shawntae's Memorial
Fatal 15
Visit Kimber's Site
Fatal 15 year old Robert U.

"He was never a sports type person, he did like to go fishing with his great grandma and like to read Sylvia Brown and Harry Potter. Robbie's memorial"
Fatal 14 year old Mary-Margaret S. 2005-07-10
Fatal 10 year old Dalton E. 2005-07-08
Fatal 25 year old Christopher V. 2005-06-11
Fatal 8 year old Gaspar V. 2005-06-07
Fatal 16 Michael Anthony G. 2005-05-31
Fatal 14 year old Cory M.

Cory was the sweetest child. All he wanted to do was make others happy.
Fatal 13 year old Braden E.

Braden's Memorial
Fatal 13 year old Gabriel M.

"Running, climbing, shooting hoops, swimming, and just all boy! My beautiful, kind,compassionate, amazing, interesting little boy"" -Gabe's Mom Still loving my Gabriel"
Fatal 16 year old Yannick W.

"He was a dedicated friend to all, As well as his sport of Basketball. He had a promising career ahead of him. He is sorely missed by family and friends. His life was cut short by practicing this Game."
Fatal 12 year old Jesse G. 2005-04-23
Fatal 13 year old Chelsea D.

Chelsea's Memorial
Fatal 15 year old Trent L. 2005-04-11
Fatal 13 year old Kodee A.

Kodee's Memorial
Fatal 16 year old Nick S. 2005-01-29
Fatal 20 year old Micah S. 2004-12-19
Fatal 16 year old Matthew V.

Matthew was an outgoing boy who loved life, his family (esp. his baby sister), his job, and showed a sincere dedication to God. He was considering several options for his future, including the Air Force, business degree (wanted to manage the Dime Store he worked at) or Missionary Aviation. He wanted to be known as the "Candy Man" as his great grandpa was & had begun passing out candy to the young kids at church. He was sensitive and cared deeply. When we told him about a miscarried baby, he cried, wishing he had known I was pregnant so he could have prayed for the baby. He loved it when we came into the store to see him. He wore faith-centered rings, so others would ask him what they meant and he could share. As I write this it's almost 5 years since his death, and we still miss him daily, and all the "what could have beens". One of his brothers just recently wrote a song in memory of him. We keep him alive remembering the good times. We hope to keep others alive, sharing about the worst day of our lives - his death. Matthew's Story
Fatal 12 year old Ethan H. 2004-12-05
Fatal 14 year old Jeffrey P.

"My Jeffrey was not only my son, but a great friend to me and to so many others... his unique goofiness and personality will never be forgotten... 14 YEARS just IS NOT long ENOUGH... xo Mel ^j^"
Fatal 16 year old Ryan V. 2004-10-12
Fatal 22 year old Jared C. 2004-09-09
Fatal 10 year old Kyle D. 2004-07-21
Fatal 14 year old Jeffrey S.

"He was a straight A student, he called himself the computer and video game genius. He wanted to be a scientist, and find the cure for cancer."""
Fatal 15 year old Dustin P. 2004-03-28
Fatal 16 year old Spencer L.

Spencer's Site
Fatal 14 year old Stephen A. 2003-09-11
Fatal 16 year old Neal B. 2003-06-22
Fatal 16 year old Stephen C. 2002-08-23
Fatal 11 year old Tyler G>
Perfect attendance for 6 consecutive years. Loved playing basketball and baseball. We miss him every day!
Fatal 12 year old Tyler S.

Tyler was such an outgoing, vivacious kid. He never met anyone that he didn't like. He never slowed down! When he wasn't in school he was on his bike, his roller blades, or his skateboard. He was kind, generous and very affectionate. I miss hearing the door slam followed by him running through the house and hollering "Hey Mom!". Which was followed by him throwing himself at me and hugging me. He was my hero, my greatest admirer, and don\'t let anyone "mess" with mom! Each year his stocking is still stuffed, a place is set at the dinner table for him, both on Thanksgiving and Christmas. A new Christmas Tree ornament is purchased each year in his memory. These ornaments represent his brief life. The death of a child leaves a huge whole that the entire family must learn to navigate. This whole never heals, you just find different ways to work around it. He would be 20 now. I will never meet his first girlfriend, take prom pictures, attend his high school graduation or his wedding. I will never hold his children.
Fatal 14 Jennifer C-T 2001-04-01
Fatal 14 year old Nicholas C.

"He was 14, very curious, happy, sportive and clever. He played choking game from 6 months. His parents couldn't understand signs of the game, they never heard about this...French alert became some days after his death."
Fatal 14 year old Andrew B.
Andrew has a twin sister, an older brother and a younger brother. He loved to play football and basketball and raced dirtbikes. He was always in to things when he was a toddler, I could write a book! But grew in to a sweet loving young man. I miss him so much, his smile and his voice just everything about him.
Fatal 14 year old Jason L.

Fatal 15 year old Dalton K.

Visit Dalton's Page
Fatal 19 year old Colin S. 1998-05-21
Fatal 13 year old Adam S. 1997-04-11
Fatal 18 year old Michael P

Mike was a happy chap but with a certain amount of sadness over his father's distancing from him. He was one of the most popular members of his group. He was a respectful son who very rarely caused me any problems; however, during the last year of his life his behaviour changed, and he began staying out overnight on weekends, giving rise to my feeling of foreboding. I wouldn't say that Mike was a risk-taker, but he was usually up for suggestions of activities that he thought might be fun. Mike had a lot to live for and planned to be a mechanical engineer. Since that was what he wanted to do, I'm convinced he would have been successful in his career choice.
Fatal 17 year old Nathan M.

"Nathan was a very artistically and academically gifted young man, with a heart the size of Texas, and a dry sense of humor like his dad. He loved animals, especially cats. And he had a great love for all 3 of his brothers. He is forever missed and loved. "
Fatal 13 year old Scott M.
Scott was a gentle sweet boy. He loved the Red Sox more than anything. He had many friends, had a paper route , did well in school, and loved God. His death was not only a personal, horrible loss to our family, but loss of a great human being..life can change forever in the blink of an eye.
Fatal 15 year old Shawn P.
Shawn was a happy 15 year old who loved to fish. Until we learned of the cause of his death, nothing made any sense. We wish we had heard of this and knew the signs before we lost such a wonderful person to this terrible game.
Fatal 16 year old Kevin R.

Kevin was a twin. He was 16 years old, full of life. He loved nice clothes and always dressed to the nine. He loved his brothers and sisters, especailly the baby, Michelle, who was three when he died. There will always be a void in our lives without him.
Fatal 12 year old Tom H.

Tom was a sweet, bright, clever, funny, imaginative, talkative 12-year-old. He loved animals and nature, and he was curious about all sorts of things. He liked playing pranks and making people laugh. He had a menagerie of stuffed animals on his bed; his favorites were Winnie the Pooh and two dogs, Henry and Snoopy. Tom was the youngest of four children, the others quite a bit older. He participated in Boy Scouts and the youth group and handbell choir at church. He could hold his own in any adult conversation. He spent a lot of time outside, and often visited the neighbors, many of whom loved him as their own child. His death was a blow to everyone who knew him.
  The Database of Victims is compiled with data acquired from immediate family members, media and other reliable
sources.  We consider a victim to be someone who has participated and has after-effects (i.e. memory loss, vision
impairment, brain damage, death) directly due to  their participation in the Choking Game.  If you know someone who
has played and was injured or killed as a result please click the appropriate link "Report and Fatality"/ "Report Non lethal"
on the right side of this page.  All information will be kept confidential unless you expressly give permission otherwise.
Updated 01/25/2011
        Concrete statistics for death and injury due to The Choking Game are currently non existent.  We pride ourselves on
keeping a current and  impeccably accurate database of reported Choking Game Victims.  However, hundreds of
incidences go unreported. The tragic sudden death of a happy, healthy child is sometimes misclassified as a suicide.  
And grief stricken families, not knowing any other possibility, grieve it as such.  These cases need to be documented
proving the gravity of this issue and the need to implement education.  
Reported Incidences
Choking Game Victim Profiles
These profiles allow you to get to know who is falling victim to the Choking Game.  They are of all different personality types,
from all over the world, from every socio-economic background, age, creed, color and gender.   For the total number of
reported victims, please reference the chart above or view the  
Map of all U.S. Victims
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Database of Victims
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UPDATED 02/09/2011   3:00PM EST
Current # of Reported Incidences - 614
Total                     Fatality - 549
Injury - 57
United States
Other Country
Actvity -

Break Down of Incidents by Year
2011 Total Reported Incidents - 4
  Within the
    Fatality - 3
    Injury - 1  
    Reported Activity - 0  
Total Reported Incidents - 54
  Within the
    Fatality - 43
    Injury  - 9  
    Reported Activity - 2  
Total Reported Incidents - 55
  Within the
    Fatality- 47  
    Injury - 7  
    Reported Activity - 1  
Total Reported Incidents - 60
  Within the
    Fatality - 53
    Injury - 4  
    Reported Activity - 3  
Total Reported Incidents- 69
  Within the
    Fatality - 63  
    Injury - 5  
    Reported Activity - 1  
Total Reported Incidences - 113
  Within The
    Fatality - 100  
    Injury - 13  
    Reported Activity - 0  
2005 - 1969
(Oldest Reported Incident)
Total Reported Incidents - 259
  Within the
    Fatality - 240  
    Injury - 18  
    Reported Activity - 1