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Updated 08/07/10
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"Wear Your Awareness 2010" Choking Game Awareness Campaign

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100% of all donations to The DB
Foundation are applied directly toward  
promoting awareness and education of
The Choking Game.  We thank you for your
support and look forward to seeing
everyone "Wear Your Awareness" in 2010!

Price and availability of items are subject to
change without notice.
Choking Game Awareness Tees
    Clearance items are from throughout 2010.
We cannot guarantee recent victims names to be listed on all
shirts and hoodies.  Please email us should you have any
questions regarding this.                  
Print an Donation Form and mail it along
with your Check or money order to:
    The DB Foundation
    PO BOX 351787
    Palm Coast, FL 32135-

BY PHONE - Call (904) 315-2222  
Mon-Fri 9AM- 5PM
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Check back on this page for the contest
rules and regulations for 2010!
Click HERE for a rough mockup with all the names
** Changes in Shirts - above the logo on the
front will read:  
Wear Your Awareness 2010.  
And sadly, there are victims names added to the
The DBF Tee shirts are the original Choking
Game Awareness shirts.  Choking Game
Victims are recognized  and included in raising
awareness together by having their names listed
on the back side of the shirt..  The DBF has the
utmost respect for families who have lost
children and the right for them to control  where
and when their child's name or likeness is used.
 Therefore, parental permission is required for
each child to be included on the shirts.  Those
who gave consent in 2009 will automatically be
included in 2010.  If  you have yet to give consent,
and you would like your child to be included -
email DBFparental  permission
"Wear Your Awareness 2010" In
Memory of...
Size Chart: Tees |  Hoodies
Once they're gone, they're gone until 2011.  Sizes and quantities are limited.
CGA Hoodie in Gray - (runs small)
CGA Shirts in BLACK (Adult Sizes)
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